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3 Skirts for Barbie and Similar Dolls


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1956 Style Blouse and Skirt for 18 inch Dolls


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Handmade Teal Hat for Barbie and Similar Fashion Dolls


Item collection 38758ec3 d925 485a b435 ea1f762d4b6a

Handmade Hat for Barbie Dolls Red


Item collection 43fb1157 b25d 4e52 a2fa 5d5c3d1a4d96

Hat for Barbie Dolls Large Brim Yellow Handmade


Item collection b11a03a3 d5f3 4f2d b8c7 222cbbd7cd07

Handmade Barbie Doll Pillbox Hat with Netting Teal


Item collection 76504b97 9280 4c6b 88e0 1e080d203b28

Handmade Swimsuit Bathing Suit for 18 inch Dolls


Item collection 32dd6098 bfee 46f0 bb58 1ab304389086

Handmade Pink Leotard with Organza Skirt and Slippers for 18 inch Dolls


Item collection 2d20f893 58e5 413e b284 d53ae5ddde9e

Dress with Bloomers for 18 inch Dolls


Item collection 47d8012a 6db4 4afc a80b 64957cd2742b

Handmade Wrap Dress for Barbie Dolls Pink Flower Print


Item collection 8354be40 ff3d 4e8a 8aad 6302d4988404

1956 Style Blouse and Skirt for AG and OG Type 18 inch Dolls


Item collection 9246c048 b297 4576 a31c b6145ab791ba

DOLL SLEEPING BAGS for Barbie, Ever After High, Monster High, Bratz and similar dolls


Item collection 4d4fbcf5 8ee3 4399 876c 7ff7213cc25d

DOLL SLEEPING BAG for 18 inch Dolls


Item collection bfa99e83 5c04 4683 9b3e 2bae4310493f

Handmade Gown for Barbie & Similar Fashion Dolls Celery Green with Scarf and Shoes


Item collection cc156ddb 3e9d 4faf a9e7 13727f5f374f

Handmade Sleeveless Dress with Purse and Free Shoes for Barbie Dolls Fashion Dolls Green Dogwood


Item collection 1f8786a1 2b26 477d 8397 1acbf91a20bc

Handmade Barbie Doll Crossbody Bag Handbag Purse Pocketbook


Item collection d0cd4b8e 949f 434f 87a2 cb56c7e99818

Dress Ensemble for Barbie Dolls Complete Outfit Red Dress, Hat, Purse and Shoes


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